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Protecting our clients’ creations (literary, artistic, musical, audiovisual, architectural, etc.) for companies or individuals is one of our firm’s recognized areas of expertise.

We operate in the art, fashion, luxury goods, music, publishing, advertising, film and creative sectors in the broadest sense.

As advisors, our firm works to preserve and secure your rights in the context of the exploitation of your creations, in particular: commissioning or service contracts, contracts for the acquisition and assignment of rights, music or audiovisual production contracts, publishing contracts, adaptation contracts, co-production contracts.

We obtain the cessation of infringements of your creations and your rights (counterfeiting, poor performance of contracts, infringement of the integrity of the work or respect for the name).

In the event of litigation, our firm represents you as plaintiff or defendant, whether in infringement actions or actions relating to the performance of a contract. We define the strategy, the arguments to be developed on the merits and in the proceedings, and determine the amount of the loss suffered.

We have expertise in unfair competition and parasitism, legal issues often linked to intellectual property law today.

Our firm has already been involved in litigation concerning :

– counterfeit works of art: demonstrating originality and ownership of rights over them

– counterfeiting of luxury products and designs for which we have won our case

art law.


Trademark law

Because trademarks are an asset of prime importance and essential to a company’s success, our firm assists and advises its customers in defining the protection strategy for their distinctive signs, and in their development, both as advisors and in litigation, in order to ensure their protection and to combat the infringement of industrial property rights.


Trademark filing and registration

Our intervention (on a national, European Union or international scale) covers :

– Advice and definition of the protection strategy, i.e. relevance of trademark registration, choice of trademark to be registered, verification of validity conditions (distinctiveness, availability analysis), delimitation of the scope of protection (territories, form (word or logo), relevant products and services, etc.);
– Completion of filing formalities and follow-up of the procedure (response to any notifications from the offices, opposition proceedings) with the various offices (INPI, EUIPO, WIPO);
– Follow-up and management of relations with local foreign correspondents, where applicable;

– Brand portfolio management: renewal, monitoring, international extension;

– Negotiation and drafting of all relevant contracts, including licensing, valuation, transfer and contribution agreements.


Brand catalog management and protection

We accompany and represent our customers in order to protect their assets, within the framework of :

– negotiating and drafting coexistence agreements or settlement protocols,

– pre-litigation, by drafting letters of formal notice,

– initiating trademark infringement proceedings,

– conducting administrative proceedings before the INPI to invalidate or revoke third-party trademarks,

– amicable dispute resolution (negotiation, conciliation, mediation).

We support a number of leading French and international companies in the fashion (haute couture and ready-to-wear), fine jewelry and design industries.