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[ Complex litigation ]

We have acquired an unrivalled experience in the field of complex litigation. What we do: for over 20 years, we have been handling difficult and complex cases with many international implications, involving different types of law, such as civil and criminal, before various jurisdictions in France and abroad.

We are able to handle cases of this nature because we have acquired a unique experience in litigation involving multiple items, such as: different laws, laws of different countries, criminal laws and civil laws.

We put this rare experience to work for our clients, whether in business law, inheritance law, intellectual property law (particularly for counterfeiting and forgeries), or business criminal law.

We have handled a large number of cases with international aspects, due to the nature of our clientele and the litigation entrusted to us. Once again, we are in a position to deal with them effectively.

One of our firm’s key areas of expertise is inheritance law disputes, particularly when proven difficult and contentious, whether in France or abroad. For more than 20 years, our lawyers have been working in this highly technical field with international legal implications.


Company law

Our firm assists its customers with the creation, management, development and transfer of their businesses, both in advisory and litigation capacities.

At the company formation stage (SAS, SCI, SARL, etc.) or during the life of the company, our team of specialists will advise you on the choice of structure best suited to your planned activity, draw up the necessary documents (drafting or amending articles of association, shareholders’ or partners’ agreements, minutes of AGMs, approval of annual accounts) and take care of all compulsory registration formalities.

Our team can assist you with all aspects of your business life, including setting up partnerships, drafting commercial leases, service/supplier contracts and licenses (trademarks, software), as well as any internal or external growth or business transfer operation (capital increase, contribution of shares, sale, takeover, buyout).

In the event of disputes or legal proceedings arising from conflicts between associates, from the civil or criminal liability of company directors (misuse of company assets, mismanagement, default, fraud, breach of trust) or from challenges to the validity of company decisions, we have developed extensive expertise in defending the interests of our clients.

Our customers in this field are family-owned companies and groups of companies in the media, culture, luxury goods, fashion and gastronomy sectors.


Commercial litigation

Backed by their legal experience and expertise in commercial law, HUGOT & ASSOCIES can advise and represent you in any disputes you may encounter with your customers, suppliers or partners.

In fact, we are highly experienced in both contractual and tort litigation relating to customer misappropriation, unfair competition, parasitism, disparagement and breach of non-competition clauses.

We are also involved in litigation and court proceedings relating to conflicts between partners, in which we have developed extensive experience, or to the liability (both civil and criminal) of directors (misuse of corporate assets, mismanagement, default, fraud, breach of trust).

We also intervene before the judicial and commercial courts in proceedings for unfair breach of contract, failure to give prior notice, and brutal breach of established commercial relations.