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Our firm can help you anticipate your succession and prevent and avoid potential conflicts between your heirs.

We work to facilitate the transfer of your movable and immovable assets, while guaranteeing the validity of the solutions adopted and the deeds drawn up (creation of a non-trading property company, donations, testamentary provisions, taking out a life insurance policy, etc.).

Our team, renowned in this field, can help you settle the estate of one of your loved ones, in a context that is often emotionally difficult. We ensure that the terms of the division strictly respect your rights and comply with your wishes.

We guide you in choosing the most appropriate option in light of the inheritance’s financial and tax implications (outright acceptance, acceptance up to the net assets, renunciation in the event of excessive liabilities).

We work in collaboration with notaries and auctioneers to facilitate the administration and liquidation of the undivided estate, and to establish a constructive dialogue with your various contacts (co-divisors, tax authorities, banks, social organizations, etc.).

Dedicated to protecting your interests, we are and act as your partners, able to resolve any disagreements between heirs and develop the negotiating levers needed to formalize an amicable division.

If you feel that your rights as an heir have been disregarded, we are competent to take any contentious action necessary to re-establish law and equity. For example, we can contest the validity of a will if there is evidence of abuse of weakness or lack of consent.

Similarly, we are competent to act in the event that the deceased has made gifts – whether disguised or not – and/or bequests that encroach on your rights as heir (action for nullity, action for reduction), or when one of the co-divisors occupies one of the estate’s assets without untying the purse (payment of an occupancy indemnity).


Our firm specializes in art law and art market law, and handles complex, high-profile cases on behalf of a renowned clientele: museum institutions, art foundations, art galleries, well-known artists or their beneficiaries, auction houses and art experts.

For example, we have acted for the Musée D’Orsay in the management of international donations, or in litigation concerning claims involving works of art, for contentious artists’ estates for painters such as VUILLARD, DEGOTTEX, ZOA WOU KI, BRAQUE, HARTUNG, but also for authors and writers such as Gérard de VILLIERS and major collectors.

We also manage and defend the rights of numerous and famous photographers such as RAYMOND CAUCHETIER, GEORGES PIERRE, VINCENT ROSSELL, DIMITRI COSTE, VINCENT MERCIER…

We provide consultancy services through protective and effective sales, deposit and commission contracts.

In the event of disputes (litigation), our expertise enables us to manage complex litigation that often require the application of international law, with both civil and criminal issues at stake (misappropriation, forgery, theft, handling of stolen goods) in matters of intellectual property and inheritance rights, taking into account their specific features, such as moral rights protection, property rights, works of art, or dations in payment.

We intervene in matters of sale cancellation, VSC liability, civil matters and counterfeiting.

We advise and defend museums, foundations, galleries, experts, artists, artists’ estates and collectors in this field.


Nous avons les mêmes gênes que nos clients entrepreneurs et créateurs

La double spécialisation juridique et sectorielle est la plus-value d’HUGOT & ASSOCIÉS