Chambers and Partners - 2011

This niche firm is dedicated to IT, IP and media issues. The sectors in which it is active include the Internet, new technologies, press, television and radio, and free culture. The team represents medium-sized and large French companies and some international clients, predominantly from the USA and Japan. Its clients include AOL France, Netvibes, Hachette and the Wikimedia Foundation. It has been especially busy on Internet-related litigation for large Internet companies of late, involving issues such as the liability of intermediaries, copyright infringement and licensing agreements. It has also handled criminal cases involving the Internet.

Founding partner Jean-Philippe Hugot is active in creative sectors such as magazine and book publishing, film and audiovisual production. He assists his clients with criminal, civil and commercial proceedings relating to online liability, copyright and related rights, trade mark, defamation, slander and invasion of privacy, and also advises them on their commercial dealings. He has built up particular expertise in arts law.

The Legal 500 Paris - 2011

Headed by Jean-Philippe Olivier Hugot and Hugot, HUGOTAVOCATS focuses on media, intellectual property and technology. The team represents art galleries, artists and estates of artists as well as publishers and authors. The firm also assists producers and rights holders in the music industry.

HUGOTAVOCATS specializes in the creative and technologies sectors where it has an extensive client base. Jean-Philippe Hugot and Olivier Hugot are asked to intervene in cases involving trademark rights, copyrights and designs. The team manages litigation for infringement, cases of registration of rights and publication of free software, as well as licensing agreements.

HUGOTAVOCATS has a client base in the internet industry that is in constant expansion with Wikipedia as a spearhead client. Jean-Philippe Hugot and Olivier Hugot display a real knowledge of the technology sector including the issues of free software and social networking. The firm is very active in litigation.

Finance Option

Hugotavocats, a boutique law firm specializing in Internet law, has a promising future. One legal director explains: I used to work, during my past experience, with traditional firms on the Paris market, but none of them was able to provide me with sufficient expertise on issues specific to the Internet 2.0. Hugotavocats is very familiar with the technical issues, as well as the legal «best practices» in the area of the global Internet

The Legal 500

Hugotavocats is entrusted by a growing internet client base (Wikipedia) for strategic advice. Jean-Philippe Hugot and Olivier Hugot have sound knowledge of new technology matters, run a busy litigation practice, and are familiar with free software and social network issues.
Led by Jean-Philippe Hugot and Olivier Hugot, Hugotavocats is a dynamic boutique with a focus on media, IP and technology matters. The firm represents art galleries, artists and artists’ heirs. It also acts for several publishing houses and authors. In the music field, it assists producers and singers’ heirs.