Our lawyers advise, assist and represent companies and organizations in all areas of law.

Our firm has also acquired strong expertise and a reputation for assisting companies in the following sectors: the media, the internet and new technologies, fashion and design, luxury and art. This sectorial added value allows us to meet our clients’ specific needs both through our knowledge of their industry as well with our mastery of the legal issues they face.

The combination of our legal expertise and disciplinary specialization allows us to help our clients protect and profit from their intellectual and creative property. We also advise clients in all matters related to business law and their companies’ legal needs. Due to the international experience of some of our attorneys, work may be done in English as well as French.

In order to be reliable and effective advisors to our clients, we have not limited our practice to a single aspect of the law but instead cover the range of issues that might arise for those working in creative fields. Although certain legal issues are common to all realms of creative or innovative activity, our attorneys also address more specific questions relevant to each discipline.

Our unique combination of legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the creative industries is the greatest strength of HUGOTAVOCATS.